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What Fits in a 20-Foot Storage Container?

Smart Community Storage’s latest product introduces a game-changing option to our offering of storage solutions. Our 20-foot container efficiently addresses diverse needs beyond boat and RV storage. 

When it comes to optimizing space and storage solutions, the versatility of a 20-foot storage container is unmatched. Whether you are a business owner seeking efficient inventory management or a homeowner in need of extra space, we can cover it all.

1. Household Items

A 20-foot storage container provides ample space for storing household items during a move, renovation, or decluttering project. From furniture to appliances, you can conveniently store sofas, refrigerators, beds, and more. 

2. Commercial Inventory

For businesses, efficient storage is paramount. The 20-foot container serves as an ideal space to store inventory, equipment, and supplies. With Smart Community Storage’s community-oriented approach, businesses can benefit from shared storage spaces, fostering collaboration and resource optimization.

3. Outdoor Gear and Tools

Gardening equipment, tools, and outdoor gear often take up valuable space in garages or sheds. Utilizing a 20-foot storage container provides a weather-resistant solution for storing these tools when you don’t have access to extra space. And what better place to store your tools for working on your hobby car, boat, or RV.

4. Small Vehicles

A 20-foot container can impressively accommodate smaller vehicles such as motorcycles or ATVs. When the weather doesn’t permit use of these vehicles, getting them into a storage container will safe-guard them over the cooler months. 

5. Business Archives

Businesses often require secure storage for important documents and archives. A 20-foot container can be transformed into a climate-controlled space for storing records, ensuring they remain well-preserved and out of your office.


Smart Community Storage’s revolutionary product enhances these possibilities, introducing a new era of community-oriented storage solutions. Whether you are looking to store household items, business inventory, outdoor gear, or even small vehicles, the 20-foot container provides a versatile and secure space. Unlock the potential of community storage and contact Smart Community Storage today to set up your storage solution.