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Smart Community Storage's Guide to Winterizing Your RV

With winter on the horizon, it is time for RV enthusiasts to prepare their beloved vehicles for hibernation. We are here to guide you through the process of winterizing your RV to ensure it remains in top condition while in our secure storage facility.

1. Exterior Inspection and Cleaning

At Smart Community Storage, we offer spacious storage and ample lighting for your convenience. Before winterizing your RV, give it a thorough exterior cleaning and inspection. Check the roof, sidewalls, and seams for any signs of damage or leaks.

2. Drain and Preserve Water Systems

Your RV’s plumbing system needs special attention prior to storage. Start by emptying the fresh water and wastewater tanks. Open all faucets and flush the toilet to remove any remaining water. To prevent freezing, utilize an air compressor to blow out water lines.

3. Battery Care Solutions

We recommend removing your RV’s battery and storing it separately to prevent discharge or freezing during winter.

4. Fuel and Engine Readiness

Add a fuel stabilizer to your RV’s tank and run the engine to ensure proper circulation. Check engine fluids, including oil and antifreeze, to ensure they’re at the right levels and in good condition.

5. Tire Maintenance

Keep your RV tires properly inflated during storage to prevent damage.

The Smart Choice for RV Storage

Smart Community Storage is your go-to choice for secure, spacious, and well-lit RV storage. Our facilities offer exceptional security features, including surveillance cameras and controlled access.

Winterize your RV with confidence at Smart Community Storage. Contact us today to experience the smart way to safeguard your RV during the winter season.